Our services

At UB Music-que Therapy Services, we offer one-on-one and group music therapy sessions to support families and their loved ones with neurological conditions and developmental delays, as well as group music therapy sessions to people that share common goals and similar needs best achieved together.

This can include:

– People on the autistic spectrum;
– People with cerebral palsy;
– People with Down Syndrome;
– People with a visual impairment;
– People with dementia
– People with Parkinson’s disease;
– People undergoing rehabilitation after a cardiovascular attack (CVA)/stroke

For more details on the types of therapeutic goals that music therapy sessions can address, see Therapeutic goals here

We now offer these same services online as well to offer support to remote and travelling families seeking continuity of care and continued services while away. Read more about Online Music Therapy services for more details.

We also offer consultations and workshops to professionals in educational, community, and health care institutions. We want to help them make better use of music for the well-being of the people and communities they support. To request a workshop, please contact us here