Mission and vision


Our mission at UB Music is to engage, educate and create opportunities for local community members to increase their quality of life and social inclusion through music therapy. UB Music uses music therapy interventions in a caring, ethical, safe and professional manner for people of all ages, cultures, levels of abilities, and gender identities.


Our vision is to build a community bridge between people of different abilities, ages, cultures, and gender identities. We aim to facilitate inclusive experiences through group music therapy as well as through one on one sessions. Furthermore we aspire to offer educational presentations that highlight the common benefits of music making, what we all have in common, what is possible and what we can learn from each other.

If you are interested in supporting our mission and vision for more community based music therapy activities and individual music therapy sessions for children and seniors, please see our Patreon page here:UB Music Therapy Services – Patreon Account