About us

UB Music Therapy services is Dominique Piqugard’s private music therapy practice.

UB Music stands for Using music to Better your quality of life through difficult times. We offer music interventions to families, for their children and parents, that have received a diagnosis of a developmental delay or a neurological condition that changes how they can interact and be in their community.

We have had the pleasure to support children and adults with:

Down Syndrome,
Cerebral Palsy’s,
Vision impairments,
Intellectual delays, and other developmental delays, as well as seniors with:

Parkinson’s, and
Rehabilitation after a C.V.A.(cardio-vascular attack)/ stroke


Music helps to stretch, exercise and connect different areas of the brain. With your goals in mind and at heart, we offer interventions that give your brain a chance to find new pathways to achieve daily activities such as walking, talking, and interacting with others, that are now more challenging then ever before.

We know that when yoU are Being engaged in making and playing music, you are receiving many benefits to our health and well-being. You can see a small sample of these studies here on our resource page. If you’d like to get to know the people behind UB Music first, you can learn about our staff here. We’re ready to help build your own relationship with music.

Music Therapy interventions use different elements in music (rhythm, melody, harmony and timbre) to help reach your goals and improve your overall well-being.
What is music therapy? Click here to learn more.